Slaying Dragons

Kids are fantastic at slaying dragons, they can run around doing it all day. Leaping off the sofa, inching under the bed to seek out dragons to slay.

Of course, as we grow up, we stop slaying these dragons, we’re adults now and have to do the mature thing; pretend dragons don’t exist.

The funny thing is that as adults there are more dragons for us to slay than when we were kids, we don’t even need to look under the bed (although I’m sure there are probably some hiding there) we are completely surrounded by them, but we tend to not bother paying attention to them until their fiery breath is burning the back of our necks.

Dragons want to be slain, it’s their purpose in life. Every time you walk past and ignore them, they grow a little bigger in the hope you’ll notice them and take action. The problem we’ve made for ourselves is we’ve decided that as adults it’s not OK to see dragons, everything is supposed to be perfect; dragons are not allowed.

Now, you may be such a good dragon-denier that you don’t even know you’re doing it anymore – but there are some signs that a dragon is lurking that you can spot.

Telling yourself it’s fine.

If you have to tell yourself something is fine, you’re ignoring a dragon. Fine means it’s not good, it’s certainly not fabulous, but it’s only a little dragon, so you’re not going to deal with it. Maybe if you ignore it that tiny dragon will get lost or fly away; it won’t. As discussed above, that dragon is going to get bigger, maybe next time you spot it out of the corner of your eye you’ll deal with it, but probably not.

That feeling in your belly.

I’m sure you know the one, that feeling that you should be doing or saying something, that feeling that you are currently trying to pretend is indigestion. Your gut is where your dragon radar is, beeping away at you. It might be time to stop blocking it out.

Waking up at 3am

(or whatever time it is for you) night after night. Those thoughts that stop you sleeping are the dragons tiptoeing around you.

dragon gif

There does come a time when you will have to acknowledge the dragon, polish up your sword and shield and go in for the attack. Crisis Point. By this time the dragon is usually a massive, scary fire breathing monster like something out of Game of Thrones. It will no longer be denied, ignored, or hidden under the bed. You CAN slay this dragon, you’ve done it before, and you will have to do it again – but you could make it much easier on yourself by going in for your attack when the dragon is smaller, and easier to eliminate.

Some dragons come straight at you humongous and ready for a fight, you’ll need your energy for these ones. Don’t let the little ones get big, when you could simply squash them while they’re little if you just stopped pretending they didn’t exist.

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