An introduction to Resilience

In pretty much every workplace you step foot into these days you hear people talking about resilience. It makes good sense for business, because a resilient workforce are less likely to pull sickies and will get better results…resulting in more profit, but it also makes perfect sense to build our own resilience in our personal lives, so we can be healthier and happier and ultimately “make more profit” for ourselves, whether that means income, freedom, time or joy to you.


But what is resilience? It’s more than just the ability to keep your head down and power through. It’s more than being able to keep going like a Duracell bunny until you drop. It’s having the ability to thrive when the going is good, and bounce back quickly when everything goes south.

Why bother? Well, it’s not a lot of fun being stuck at the bottom of a deep hole unable to get out. Building up your resilience will mean your “holes” will be shallower, because you know how recognise when you’re digging and stop. You’ll also get out of them more quickly, because you’ll know the quickest way to build yourself a ladder.

The stoic philosopher, Marcus Aurelius (Yes, I’ve mentioned him once or twice before) wrote about building an inner citadel and this in essence is what resilience is. It’s building an fortress from which you can operate securely, gather up your weapons of choice so you are ready to face anything and have reserves ready so you can rebuild after an outside attack.


It’s a very personal thing and there are no right answers. What helps me build myself up is unlikely to be exactly the same that works for you in every area, but I hope to share some ideas over the next few weeks that might inspire you to explore further making changes that will work for you, or maybe confirm that you have it sussed out already.

So this is going to be a 5 week mini-series of posts exploring the key areas we can focus on in building our citadel. Physical, Psychological , Emotional and Spiritual resilience. You’ll probably find that you are already rocking it in some of these areas and others you need a few more weapons in your arsenal for.

So think of this as episode 1…I’ve set up the premise for the show and all the action will begin next week.

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