Spiritual Resilience

Spiritual resilience is about who you are, what motivates you, your values and how you live your life.
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The word spiritual often evokes thoughts of religion, or deeper beliefs in the more mysterious side of life and these things might be an important part of your Spiritual Resilience plan, or they might not. There isn’t a right answer here and one person’s set of values is not more valid than anyone else’s. The important thing is that you know what your values are and feel that you are free to live by them.

What are your values?

Take a look at this selection of words. Pick out 5 that resonate with you the most. Now, if you had to narrow this down to 3, which ones would you pick?

• Authenticity• Achievement• Adventure• Authority• Autonomy• Balance• Beauty• Boldness• Compassion• Challenge
Do you feel like you are able to live by your values in every area of your life? It can cause a lot of discomfort and unhappiness if you are unable to stay true to them in any area, such as a job or a relationship. When your values are compromised you are unlikely to be able to stay in a situation long term.
Do any of your values clash with each other? It’s not uncommon. Sometimes values don’t marry up. For example, maybe you want freedom and stability at the same time, or adventure and safety. It doesn’t mean you have to give up on one of your values, but it’s important to know which one you value higher to help you make choices you are happy with.

What is your purpose?
Do you know what your purpose is? Maybe you have a sense of what it is, but can’t quite put it into words.
Not having a sense of purpose can leave you feeling a bit lost, perhaps lacking in direction. If you don’t know what your purpose is at the moment – make it this, to uncover what your purpose is.
Once you’re on the right track with your purpose things seem to start falling into place. You meet someone who can help you along, you come across an opportunity that takes you a bit further and so it goes.

Are you comfortable with the balance in your life?
It might be work/home. It might be family/friends. It might be spend/save. It might be different things at different times. Whatever you feel needs to be in balance in your life, are you comfortable with how it is?

Resilience 5.1
If not, what can you change to make it balance better? Maybe you need to commit to leaving the office on time, or forgo a night with friends to cherish your family, or take a flask of coffee instead of buying one every day. Little adjustments can make a big difference.
The big question is, do you feel like you are being your true self? If the answer is no, you’re draining your resilience tank quickly.
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