What are you focused on?

It’s common knowledge that the more you focus on something, the more you notice it everywhere!

It’s like when you get a new car you start seeing them all over the place?
Or you really enjoy an actor in one program, then they seem to be everywhere, in other programs, doing interviews and on the news?

This is because you find what you are looking for. Your brain was previously filtering out that make of car or that actor as something you didn’t need to pay attention to. There’s just way too much information coming at you all the time for you to notice and remember everything, so your brain just holds on to what is important.

While this is really helpful, it allows you to function without being overloaded, it does mean that there are tons of things you are missing out on.

If you’re used to noticing things you’ve lost, or haven’t got, such as time, money or energy then it becomes a habit to look for all the other things you haven’t got. Continuing with a habit like this is likely to make you feel pretty rubbish. It’s not fun to only notice the gaps in your life.


How about this for a challenge….start noticing all the things you DO have in your life.

Notice the people you have around you that care about you and all the little ways they show it. Maybe they remind you to put your seatbelt on, or to eat well or ask how you’ve slept. They might just ask how your day has been, what you’re doing at the weekend or of your cold is better now. Caring doesn’t have to be big or grand, pay attention and notice the little things.

Notice all the small comforts you have in your life. Your cosy bed, favourite blanket and snuggly jumper. Appreciate the warm, safe house you life in, away from rain and danger every night.


Notice all the opportunities you can seize. The option to change career, have a break away or just stay home and watch Netflix. The chance to learn whatever you wish, meet new people or see the world.

As I’ve explored in this previous post, gratitude of this kind not only makes you happier, it can make you healthier too – there really are no down sides to making a change from a focus on what you lack to a focus on what have.

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