What if it was EASY?

Dropping bad habits such as smoking, drinking or over eating is really hard – everywhere you look there are people telling us how hard it is, but what if it was actually easy?

Firstly, you know how bad these things are for you, you’re told every day that your addictions are damaging your health. A bad habit being labelled an addiction is really clever because it makes it seem like something you have less control over. You’re not just repeating a habit that initially gave you pleasure (and maybe still does!) but is now causing you more pain, you’re an “addict”, it’s not your own fault so you can wash your hands of it and just accept you have a real battle on your hands if you want to change.

(If you have a high level compulsive addiction I urge you to seek professional advice.)

Now that your bad habit has been put in an “out of my control” box the odds continue to be stacked against you. Even the language used makes it seem exhausting. You really have to fight it, use all the will power you have – but don’t worry, there are weapons and tools to help you – at a cost.

Here’s where the conspiracy theory comes in – who do you think profits from you waging your own personal war? Whoever it is, it isn’t you.


It actually is not advantageous for businesses for you to successfully “face your demons”. If everyone knew it was easy to just stop and live a healthy, happy life they would collapse and lose billions.

So, entertain me here, what if it really was just easy to do these things?
If you wanted to stop smoking you just decide to stop and it’s easy.
If you wanted to drink less alcohol you just made the decision and followed through and it’s easy.
If you wanted to look after your body you ate healthier food in the right quantities and found it easy.

If the marketing around doing these things was that it was easy to just stop and live a healthy lifestyle how many more people would find it so?

I believe a lot of the problem is that we are being conditioned to believe it’s difficult and so we approach the situation with that expectation and it’s amazing how often we get exactly what we expect.
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