Merry Christmas

Its christmaaaaaas!!

How are you feeling? Excited and joyful or stressed and tired?

If you’re feeling excited and joyful that’s fantastic, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful holiday. The only thing I urge you to do is to remember to look at those around you and give anyone who is struggling to feel the same as you a little hand along the way.

If you’re feeling stressed and tired I’d just like to remind you that all of this stuff doesn’t really matter.
Perhaps you feel like you’ve got a list a mile long to get done. It’s understandable, there is a lot of pressure to make Christmas day perfect. I can tell you one thing, it will be as it is.
It doesn’t matter if you haven’t wrapped Aunt Sandras present.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve forgotten to buy sprouts – no one likes them anyway.
It doesn’t matter if your house doesn’t compare to Blackpool illuminations.
It doesn’t matter if your home isn’t spotless.
It doesn’t even matter if you can’t spend it with all the people you love for whatever reason.

It is only a day. 1 single day out of 365 of the year. So just breathe, relax, have the day you have and remember to look for moments of joy. Take the opportunity to recognise and express gratitude for all you have.

Lots of love to you at this most magical time of the year.

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