Making Resolutions Stick

The new year usually brings along with it the impetus to make some new year’s resolutions. Lose weight, eat better, drink less, stop smoking, de-clutter the house. Travel more, read more, be more social.


If any of these are things you really want to achieve, I’m right behind you. (I really can be, get in touch if you want a coach!)

But the question really is, if you’ve been prepared to hold off until the new year to get started (rather than weeks or months ago when you first thought about it) is it really something you want to do, or something you think you SHOULD want to do?

If it’s something you think you SHOULD want, but really don’t you’re bound to fail fairly quickly. Unless you have super human willpower you’re unlikely to succeed. Don’t allow the TV adverts for slimming groups, dry January, gym memberships or Veganuary make you feel like you have to change. You are enough just as you are!


On the other hand, if you really do want to make some changes, here’s some ideas to make the changes stick.

– Focus on what you have to gain from changing, rather than what you will be giving up – such as by eating better you’ll feel healthier, look better and be able to walk up stairs without getting breathless, rather than swearing to never let another sweet treat pass your lips.
make sure YOU are in complete control of success. Base it on behaviours, not results. E.g. “Eat healthily” is more likely to be successful than “lose 10lbs”. You can always choose to eat healthily, you are not in total control of the exact number on the scale.
– figure out how you’ll know when you’ve succeeded. What does success look and feel like?
– break the goal down into small and achievable actions, write them all down and do something from the list every day.
visualise yourself doing your new behaviour on a regular basis – your imagination is very powerful and practicing in your mind makes it easier to choose the new desired behaviour when it comes to the crunch.
don’t feel like it? Tough! Motivation wears off quickly and it’s more comfortable to go back to established habits and patterns. You’re responsible for forcing yourself to stay on track if you truly want to change.

I wish you all the best making 2019 all you want it to be!
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