Why is everyone Depressed?

Why are so many people Depressed? Life in 2019 is easier than its ever been. We’ve got amazing technology that means we don’t need to leave our homes to shop, be entertained or socialise. We’ve got amazing health care that is keeping us alive and healthy longer than ever. Travelling around the world is simple and quick. You can see your friends and family in real time with a simple tap on a touch screen where ever you are.

Surely with all of this going for us we should be absolutely loving life, but mostly we’re not.
To make up for the fact we’re not loving life we’re doing one or both of two things. We’re medicating. Prescriptions for anti-depressants has increased massively in the last 10 years – statistics suggest it’s more than doubled. If we’re not going to the GP for medication, we are self-medicating. Taking on board food, booze or drugs to try and make ourselves feel better – all leading to their own set of problems.
Neither of these solutions are making us feel any better. Are we really all broken?
The real issue is that for many of us, although our physical needs are well catered for, the world we live in is not set up to meet our psychological needs.

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The need to feel like we belong. That we are valued. That we are good at something. That our future is secure.
But we don’t. We’re aren’t. We’re not and it isn’t.
But we could be, if we took some responsibility for ourselves, stop burying our heads in the sands and searched for our own ways of making it happen.
So what can we do?
Well, that’s really only something that you can answer for yourself – but here’s some things that I’ve been doing that have helped me feel more positive.
Join a club – for me it’s actually a coaching network, but getting together with like minded people with similar interests in a certain field helps you feel like you belong. Find your Tribe.
Volunteer – my day job would replace me in an instant if I left – I get paid, so I do have a value, but I’m not valued. Volunteering and helping others really makes me feel like I’m giving something unique and special. It doesn’t even need to be a regular thing, helping out family, friends or neighbours when they need it makes me feel valued too.
Keep learning – accept that only a very few people can be the best in the world at something, but that doesn’t take away from your skills. I love trying out new things to find out what I enjoy and sometimes I’m good at it. You don’t have to be on the medal table to know you are good at something.
Be present – your future is not secure. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Yes, you need to be prepared as best you can be, but put your phone down and enjoy what is happening right now.
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