Repeat to fade

Can you believe that we are already into the second month of 2019!? Valentines day is less than 2 weeks away (you’re welcome for the reminder!), then Easter, summer holidays seem a way off yet but will be here before you know it, then it’ll be Christmas again…and what have you done so far?
Have you been getting up in the dark, going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark then watching a boxset over the weekend? Am I scarily close? Are you bored of it yet?
When is the last time you tried something you’d never done before? It’s not a surprise that most of us find that life is just a bit hmmph, a little blah, endlessly mundane. We go to work however many days a week and complete much the same tasks. We spend our days off doing housework, folding laundry and pairing too many socks for the amount of people in the house. We break this up with a cookie-cutter holiday – maybe the destination varies but the activities don’t – sit by the pool, soak up the sun, drink cocktails and pretend we are different people for 10 days.
I was in the car singing along to the radio this week when an old favourite came on. I was transported back to when the song first came out and I found the lyrics in Smash Hits magazine (yes, I know…showing my age! If Smash Hits didn’t print the lyrics and they weren’t on the single case you just had to figure it out and hope you got it right. I sang “doing it like a lady” for years, until it was helpfully pointed out to me that even the title of the song is “Dude looks like a lady”). As was the fashion in the 90s most of the lyrics ended with the instruction to “repeat to fade.” It feels like we’ve applied this instruction liberally to our lives and we just keep living the same year over and over again as if we were in groundhog day.

Why do we keep on doing the same thing even though its boring us to death? It’s comfortable – nothing is more appealing to most of us than comfort. A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there.
Live this rinse and repeat lifestyle long enough and it can be tough to even imagine doing anything differently. We really can choose to do anything we want, but given the chance we can’t even think of something outside of what we normally do, much less the motivation to plan it in and execute the plan.
Here’s my challenge to you – add new experiences to your life. Start small if you must. Eat some where new…pick something you’ve never tasted before. Tune into a different radio station in the car. Plan something different to do next weekend….and then do it!
Expand your horizons and your comfort zone.
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