Aren’t you curious?

There’s a radio advert I keep hearing at the moment asking whether you’re bored of looking at the same old apps, news and updates on your phone and something about it really struck a chord. Yes, as it happens, I do get bored of scrolling mindlessly through my Facebook feed, unless I stumble across a funny dog video or get sucked into the comment section on ratemyplate, even then I’m being entertained rather than inspired. I’m pretty sure that the answer to this malaise is not the one suggested in the radio advert, yet another app.

I think the answer could lie in something that a friend said to me last week. “Curiosity should be the new mindfulness.” (Thanks Nicky, due credit to you!). Do you remember how exciting it is when you come across a new subject that grips you? You want to read everything you can, watch all the documentaries and learn everything you can from anyone you can find. Then all you want to do is find someone else who is interested enough to let you gush about it for hours, sharing what you’ve learnt. You really get into it and time flows easily.

I remember doing this all the time as a child, but as adults we tend to be encouraged to become an expert in our area of work and not much else. Maybe you’ve also got a hobby that you could now do with your eyes shut, but does it still excite you?

The future belongs to the curious

I think that it can be difficult to even know where to start getting curious as an adult. What should you get curious about? What’s even out there?! We’re so out of practice in looking and noticing what’s around us that we can barely even imagine the possibilities.

Opportunities are everywhere! It really doesn’t matter what you get curious about, or even if you’re only curious about something for half an hour before moving on. Have a look at what’s going on in your area and go along. Maybe there’s a book reading you would never have thought of going to, or even a documentary on Netflix. Maybe your friend has an interesting looking book on their shelf. Think of a topic and Google it! Worst case scenario you’ve strengthened your pub quiz arsenal.

I know what you’re thinking now – I haven’t got the time or the energy to learn about something new. I’m sure if you decided to give it a go you could find some time, you could be curious instead of watching EastEnders, or instead of doing the ironing (trust me, just fold it and wear it, no one else notices!). As for the energy, you just need to get started, look for something that kicks your motor and you’ll soon find excitement kicks in and will renew your energy.

I hope you find something that brings a spark to your life and who knows, you might even find your future.

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