Crashing off a Cliff

There’s a lot of talk about the UK leaving the EU without a deal as crashing over a cliff edge. (I’m writing this before we know what’s going on, things very well may have changed by the time you read it.) Crashing over a cliff edge sounds like something no one wants to be doing, but in truth we are standing at our own cliff edge all of the time, not knowing what will happen if we step off.
In your own life taking the leap is terrifying. You don’t know if it’s going to be the best or the worst thing you ever did, all you know is that it’s going to be different. You’re either going to fall or you’re going to fly. The thing is, now you’re looking over the edge not leaping is only going to lead to dissatisfaction. You can feel the wind in your hair, you can’t stay on the edge forever.

You’ve really only got 2 options, jump or retreat.
Retreating is often seen as the comfortable option. Getting back into your comfort zone. That can be true. But perhaps you have peered over the edge and decided that jumping of this cliff isn’t the thing to do, that’s fine, that’s wise. Go and find another cliff to jump off, check out several until you find the right one.
Try and stay on the plateau too long though and you’ll either get so sick of it you’ll throw yourself of the first (metaphorical, I hope) cliff that you come across, or something will come along and shove you off.

There is freedom waiting for you on the breezes of the sky And you ask
Jumping doesn’t have to be a blind leap. You can do your research. You can do your preparation. You can create a safety net. At some point though, you have to step over the edge and you can guarantee that some people around you are going to think its utter madness, but that moment will be exhilarating.
Your cliff edge really could be anything. Starting a business, leaving a job, changing career. Going back to school, leaving behind old friends. Starting or ending a relationship. It could be moving across the globe, going backpacking across Europe, moving 3 doors down.
If you’re standing looking over your cliff edge trying to work up the courage to jump call me. I can help you sort your shit out so you’re confident you’re going to land safely when you go.
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