Can you lose weight with Hypnosis?

A huge proportion of people I talk to, upon finding out that I’m a hypnotist, ask if I can help them to lose weight. I usually give them the simple, crowd pleasing answer- sure I can; but the honest answer is not as simple.

The reality of the situation is that none of us are overweight just because we’re overweight. If it was as simple as just putting the correct foods into your mouth we’d all be fine. Although I’ve never tried to help someone lose weight by simply giving them an instruction to eat only the correct amount of calories with the perfect balance of nutrients for their body, I suspect it wouldn’t stick.  

If it was that easy I wouldn’t have started diets or joined slimming groups and left them again more times than I could count – I have the information needed to be slim, but not the behaviour.

To lose weight and keep it off permanently it takes a change of behaviour and more importantly, a change of the thoughts and feelings that drive behaviours such as shovelling crème eggs in a half dozen at a time January to April every year.

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t really know what makes me eat food I know isn’t good for me in copious amounts. I could sit with a therapist for years and dredge the depths of my soul and probably never get the answer to that. Maybe it’s that math test I failed when I was 7? Maybe Krispy Kreme’s just taste better than Kale.

As part of my Hypnosis training I volunteered to be the demo for the weight loss, you’ve never seen a hand go up so fast. Here’s what I’ve found:

  • The feelings I have about my body have changed. I actually don’t really care if I am losing weight or not, I’m happy as I am. I keep thinking maybe I should get on the scales and see if anything has changed but never quite getting around to doing it. I’m grateful for the imperfect body I have.
  • The food I want to eat has changed, I’m eating less meat, less cheese, less pastry. I’m loving fruit, fish and vegetables. I don’t want to drink sweetened drinks, I’d much rather have a glass of water….with some ice if I’m pushing the boat out.
  • I cannot stomach the thought of eating sugar or chocolate – for those of you who know me personally you’ll know what a change this is. I’ve not previously been well known for turning down a dessert. It feels like a huge relief to not be wasting energy resisting and denying myself, I just don’t want to eat that stuff.

These changes add up to something significant and I didn’t have to say a word about why I thought I was over weight or ate too much of all the wrong things, probably for the best as if I did know the true reason I doubt I’d ever admit it out loud.

So ask me if I can now help you to lose weight and I’ll say yes, but just know that it is always a side effect of a bigger change.

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