Learning from your Past

Imagine you’re standing in a corridor with door after door on either side.  I want you now to slowly walk down the corridor and select the door you are going to open. Upon opening this door you will step into a time in your past, in this life or a previous one, where you had the answer or resources that you need today.

This is Past Life Regression.

First of all I’ll point out at that “past” life regression is also not always how this technique is used. Many people do not subscribe to the theory of time being linear, and think that every moment is happening at the same time, we have just made it into a line and given it a direction to help ourselves understand how one thing relates to another. This being the case you could also go to a “future” life to find the answer you seek – it doesn’t matter that it “hasn’t happened yet”, because it’s all happening now. Yep, I’m not sure that I understand either. Mind = Blown.

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I’ve got to be honest; I’m not sure about this one. There’s one major sticking point for me.

My main issue is that a belief in past lives is helpful and I’m just not sure that I have that. To believe in past lives you need to believe in future lives and I’m a “this is my one shot” kind of girl. However, I have no solid evidence either way (and I don’t believe anyone else does either) so you can decide for yourself on that one.

Plenty of people do believe in it and you can find numerous documented cases of people being regressed to a previous life and giving details that have later been checked against records and found to be accurate. Perhaps if you read up this will be enough to convince you but I still reserve judgement.

That being said – I do think that regression is a very powerful tool in the hypnotists arsenal, whether or not it’s “real”.

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I think that if you find a solution to an ongoing issue, or remember and harness a reserve of confidence/joy/resilience that you need to be at your best now, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Maybe you did have experiences in a previous life that you can learn from now or perhaps your subconscious has packaged up exactly what you need and delivered it with a great story that allows you to accept it.

If you will find it easier to bring forward the confidence you need to do your Best Man speech if you believe you already had confidence and charisma in bucketful’s when you were an ancient Egyptian Queen then who am I to argue.

The real question is not is it real (given the subjective-ness of reality this is a question we get way to hung up on) but does it work, and the answer to that is a resounding yes.

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