Releasing Anxiety

Stress, anxiety and depression are one of the key things people ask to see me about as a hypnotist, but why do they have such an impact on peoples lives and how can hypnosis help?

Let me tell you a story.

When you were born you were given a little back pack. Every time something happens to you, you put your memories and feelings about it into a jam jar and pop it into your backpack. Some of your jam jars are small and light and others are big and heavy, but they all go into your back pack.

hypnosis for anxiety

Some are pretty good at noticing when their bag is getting a bit heavy. They stop and rest for a while, take the weight off, sort through the jam jars and stop dragging around some of the heavier ones they don’t need anymore, then they carry on with their lives for a while until they need to repeat the process.

Others keep plodding forward, getting weighed down with jam jars until they are pulled onto their arses. They keep trying to stand up and carry on but the back pack is too heavy and they don’t feel like they are allowed to take it off or empty some stuff out.

hypnosis for anxiety

Mostly we don’t notice the weight we are carrying until it starts to tip us backwards or we’re able to let it go and we feel the massive relief as it is literally lifted off our shoulders.

Imagine your own back pack right now – how heavy is it?  Do you know what’s in there? Are you carrying around anyone else’s jam jars?  

How does Hypnosis help?

Hypnosis is the perfect state for opening up some of these jars and chucking out the shit inside. Your conscious mind only knows what you THINK is in the jam jars, it knows the story you’ve created about it and it believes all the bullshit you tell yourself about why you deserve to be hanging onto this crap. Your unconscious mind just knows it can pop the lid off all those jam jars until you’re ready to stand up again and carry on with your life less burdened.


The beauty of doing this process under hypnosis rather than in a more traditional therapy is that you don’t need to analyse and verbalise what’s in each jam jar before you let it go. You know (consciously or unconsciously) that it’s something that no longer serves you and you can dump it. You may not even consciously know what it is you’ve let go, but you’ll feel the difference in the weight of the back pack.

I begin all my hypnosis sessions with the chance to have a clear out. Creating a safe space to let go of some of that junk makes a major difference with the success of any change you want to make. It’s hard to change your life if you’re still dragging all that shit behind you. You certainly can’t do it if you’re so weighed down you’re on your arse.

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