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We’ve all got some bad habits that we’d like to quit, but try as we might we go back to them. Whether it’s smoking, nail biting, over eating or having one too many white wine spritzers on a Tuesday lunch time, these things seem be hard to kick.

The problem is, that although these are habits that are bad for you, they are really good habits.

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I’ve not come across a 20 a day smoker who forgot to smoke for a week, or was too busy to smoke or just hasn’t got round to it yet. It’s like an alarm is set; it’s time to smoke now!  (The very opposite to my Gym habit, I’ve put that alarm on a permanent snooze, I find it very easy to not get around to it.)

Research shows that 95% of who we are by the time we reach 35 is a set pattern of thoughts and behaviours that run almost entirely unconsciously. If we are trying to overcome these deeply ingrained behaviours with our conscious mind and willpower alone, we’ve at best got 5% of our potential to do it with.

Plonk on top of that the expectations we’ve been conditioned with about how difficult it is and it’s a self-fulfilling prophesy. It’s not impossible, as many people have shown, but the odds may be stacked against you.

When we try to stop this way the unconscious mind pings an alert that a pattern has been broken, we’re not used to change from the norm so it feels odd and the temptation to go back to the old way is strong. We often think that we carry out these behaviours because they make us feel good in some way, maybe they did to begin with, but the fact you now want to stop suggests it no longer does. Now it just feels familiar and safe, but that’s not the same as feeling good.

Hypnosis can help you quit by tapping into the 95%. Like taking the cable car up a mountain rather than climbing.  Hypnosis gets you into a state where you can access the program you are running and change things up.

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It’s almost certain that the program you are running gives you some kind of positive outcome that you may not be consciously aware of. You’ll be more successful in kicking a habit if you can discover what this positive outcome of the unwanted behaviour is and find a more suitable way to fulfil it.

Once you’ve updated the program you need to run it a few times – the clearer the path the more likely you are to choose it. The joyful thing is that your conscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what you’ve done in real life and what you’ve imagined, so you can run a few practices in your mind to get the ball rolling.  Hypnosis is a fantastic state for letting your imagination run wild, perfect for practicing changed habits and responses before getting out into the real world.

Once you’re ready to stop trying to quit and to actually quit, give hypnosis a go.

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