The Placebo Effect

Does it really work or is it just the Placebo Effect?

JUST the placebo effect? The placebo effect is incredible! You can give someone a sugar pill and simply because they believe it will make them better, it does. It doesn’t just make them feel like they are better, they actually get better.  That is someone getting better from belief alone.

Sugar pills work, but not as well as saline injections, and a saline drip is shown to be even more effective. Placebo’s are also get increasingly effective when they are “prescribed” by different levels of health professionals. Some people even get the side effects they are told they will.

placebo effect

It doesn’t just work for minor ailments either. Placebo surgery has been carried out – the patient gets put under anaesthetic, cut open and closed up again with no further work carried out and has seen the same improvements as they would have seen with real surgery.

Your amazing body is capable of healing itself of all kinds of things when you believe in it and supply it with the right thoughts and beliefs. You’ve seen this in action, when you get a cut, scrape or small burn you don’t rush off to the doctors, you run it under the tap and then you know your body will create the right chemicals and cells needed to mend itself. Even when you break a bone you trust your body can fix itself – sure we put a cast on to protect it while it does it – but it’s not the cast that is doing the fixing, it’s you.

If your body is capable of doing all of this given the right placebo, do you really need the placebo? Could you bring around this improvement of your health with out it? I don’t see why not if you were capable of giving your body the right signals.

If these positive beliefs are capable of such massive chemical change in our bodies, it does pose a question, what impact do negative beliefs have on the body? If we are focussing and picturing a future of ill health might we be more likely to make it a reality?

The pace of life today means that most of us are under some kind of stress all of the time. Your body cannot repair itself if it’s always on standby to flee from danger. What we need is to find a way to flip our bodies back into rest and repair mode to give them a good chance of fixing what’s broken. What we also need is to send our bodies the right messages about what we want by focussing on a positive outcome.

I don’t suggest you start shunning medical advice, but perhaps it is time we considered that the body and mind might not separate systems and both need to be singing from the same hymn sheet in order for us to thrive.

Dr Joe Dispenza is really the authority when it comes to this. If you’re interested to know more about it I recommend his book, You are the Placebo or look up his lectures on YouTube. Dr Bruce Lipton is another one to look up.

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