Why Change?

Have you ever wanted to lose weight, give up smoking, change career or make some other change in your life, yet you never quite get round to it? Or you do make a start but it quickly fizzles out and before you know it you’re heavier than before you started, smoking more than ever and still in the same old job that you complain about every Monday (and Tuesday through to Sunday).

I’ve said before that your conscious mind is only using around 5% of your brain power, so the odds are against you if you don’t involve your subconscious, but there are times when change sticks anyway.

So what does it take for change to stick? That depends on who you are and what the change is.

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A change will stick if its win/win. All good sides and no down sides. This doesn’t happen very often for big changes, but if your could have something that looked and tasted exactly like your favourite treat, but had half the calories and loads more good stuff in it, you’d never eat the old version again.

A change will stick if its forced. You’ve got no choice. There is no option to go back. Redundancy, illness and loss are all forces for change. Often they are very painful, but once we’re on the other side we can recognise something positive came out of it. You hear people say it all the time – even JK Rowling said it and look how successful she became. “Rock bottom became the foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

A change will stick if you need to accommodate someone you love. I’m sure you wouldn’t give up smoking simply because the person you sit next to at work didn’t like it, but if it was your future wife or your child, for example, you’d find it much easier to give up slowly killing yourself.

Change will stick if it’s the right time. It’s a fork in the road moment. If you don’t change this now, you never will. This opportunity will not come again. Perhaps your dream job is offered to you out of the blue, making it easy to drop the company that’s been grinding you down and making you miserable for years.

Change will stick if it’s to avoid a worse option. People have been telling you for years that you need to eat better, move more to be healthier. You’ve tried diets and hired trainers but at the end of the day you order pizza and cookies and watch a box set until way past any reasonable bedtime. What if today you go to the doctor and says that you can either change your diet for good right now or you can start injecting insulin into yourself twice a day. Don’t worry, he’ll show you how to stick that needle in your thigh so it doesn’t hurt too much. I know what I’d rather do.

If you’re at crisis point, the change will happen.

If you want to change before you hit crisis point, get in touch.

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