Just Stop

How’s your week been? Busy?

I know what it’s like. Work, House Work, Family Commitments, Training, Activities, Working out (ok, not so much that one for me!) the list is endless.

Even when I’m doing nothing, I’m doing something. Catching up with social media (anyone want to see what I’ll look like when I’m 80…no, me neither!) catching up with Netflix, scrolling Pintrest for deep and meaningful quotes, brownie recipes and knitting patterns (I don’t even knit).

Then I fall into bed absolutely shattered, put the TV on so I don’t have to be in silence and wake up already exhausted but jump out bed and start another day.

This cycle tends to start slowly for me. I stop meditating and self-healing as often as I’d like. I stop reading in the mornings and play pointless games on my phone instead. Then I stop reading before bed and play pointless games on my phone then too. I know it’s terrible sleep hygiene, the blue light from the screen makes it hard to fall asleep but I do it anyway. I get cranky and tired and I eat terribly, which makes me feel even worse.

If I’m honest with myself, I’m backing away from something. Usually an uncomfy feeling that I can’t quite put a finger on. There doesn’t seem to be a an apparent cause or trigger. The longer I hide from it, the more my body joins in with the conspiracy against me. My body knows better than I do that if I just faced into the feeling I would move past it much quicker. So I get headaches, neck pains, stiff shoulders. If that doesn’t work I get tummy problems which get increasingly worse until I take notice. And stop. And Face it.

It’s actually usually fairly painless. I don’t always know what it was all about, but once I take the time to re-centre it feels like I’m myself again.

I have a huge array of tools I can use to nip it all in the bud much earlier than I tend to do. The funny thing is that the times I stop doing what I know makes feel my best is the times when I need them the most. Having skills, tools and knowledge doesn’t mean I never get into a slump. I’m human and I often need help but can be slow to ask for it.

I’m guessing that as you are reading this you are also human. What is your pattern when you are running away from the uncomfy feelings? Do you work out until you’re exhausted? Do you work late every night, and bring more work home with you? Do you focus all your energy on your family and friends? Do you go out (or stay in!) and get drunk?

Maybe it’s a scary thought, but what if you stopped and face into it? What if you recognised the first sign that you are off centre and did something about it at that moment?  Sometimes it’s easier to do with a helping hand.

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