Hakuna Matata

A couple of weeks ago I went to see the new Lion King film with some friends, (it’s excellent, I highly recommend it) on the way home one of them said to me “I bet I see Hakuna Matata in your blog next week”, well Thank You, James, this is for you.  What’s actually more surprising is that I’ve not used it before now. Hakuna Matata is my go to song – whatever I’m doing I’m probably singing this song, in my head if you’re lucky, but often loudly and tunelessly, as is my preferred style.

So, Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase. It means no worries for the rest of our days. I can see why you’d dismiss this as too good to be true, as totally unrealistic – life isn’t like that, is it?

Probably not at the moment, but with some practice it could be.

The important part integrating Hakuna Matata into your life is to be clear about the difference between a problem and a worry. Problems, issues and shit times are always going to around, that’s the joy of life. You’d get pretty bored if it was always sunny. (yeah, ok, I agree it could take a while!) When times are hard we pull up our big girl/boy pants and we get it dealt with.

The difference with worry is it’s about something that isn’t current reality. Something that may never happen. You know it’s a worry rather than a real problem if you start the sentence with “what if.” Problems don’t begin with “what if” they start with “oh shit”.

If I’m honest, I fairly regularly indulge in some big time worrying about things that are pretty unlikely to happen, being in a plane crash, being kidnapped, missing dinner.

I also like to jump into worrying about stuff that is definitely going to happen at some point, no matter what I do, losing beloved pets, getting old, running out of time. Both sets of worries are completely pointless. An absolute waste of energy. I catch myself doing it and give myself a telling off. It’s taking practice but I’m getting better at letting these things go.

Then there’s stuff that realistically could happen in the fairly near future. Running out of petrol, having writers block, being made redundant (you never know in this economic climate). You’ve got two choices with these things, fret about it or do something about it.  Make a contingency plan. How can you stop it happening? What can you do if it does happen? Once you’ve figured this out, you’ve got it handled, leave it.

See your what if’s for what they are.

No problems for the rest of our days is never going to happen, but luckily the song says no worries for the rest of our days and if you put in the practice, that could. Hakuna Matata.

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