Updating the Truth

Last week I told you about some beliefs I had been holding about myself since I was very small and how I was in the process of reviewing and updating these beliefs. Well, it’s not just the beliefs about my own value and worth that I have been reviewing and updating recently.

Over the past 18 month or so I have been on quite a journey. I have updated my truth several times, with the help, support and gentle nudges from several friends, teachers and mentors (and a special few who are all three) and I am eternally grateful for their patience and grace.

This is not easy to share. A few years ago I didn’t really believe in anything that I couldn’t see or touch. I was pretty sure that life was a bit of a happy accident, you were born, you lived whatever life you lived for no other reason that you are here and then you die. With nothing before and nothing after. I was pretty happy with that belief for the most part – it was easy to sum up – “I don’t believe in anything.”

This is even less easy to share.  I’ve changed my mind. I now believe in some stuff. I believe in energy, the existence of souls, reincarnation amongst other things and have opened my mind to the possibility that other ideas I didn’t believe in before might also be true.  I’m not going to try and convince you that anything I believe in is right. My beliefs have been wrong before and could well be again now. I also know that when people tried to tell me about these things when I wasn’t open to them I would just smile, nod my head and think “yeah, yeah.”

Some of the stuff I didn’t believe in is beginning to get scientific evidence behind it, energy work and chakras for example – there is plenty of research now that Reiki can promote health and wellbeing. (If you’re not sure what Reiki is there is a bit more about it here.) I love that science is catching up to what people have known and practiced for thousands of years and it makes me wonder what else that I had dismissed might be proven to be right in the future.

Other stuff, such as past lives are going to be hard to prove I think. There is plenty written about Near Death Experiences and people who have visited past lives and between lives through hypnosis (as I have, perhaps more about that another time.) but the temptation I had is to try and explain it away and rationalise it to make the fact that I can’t prove it more comfortable.

Now I have taken a different stance. If I can’t prove it, I ask myself if holding that belief helps me or harms me. If it harms me I let it go. If it helps me, brings me comfort, makes me wonder or opens my mind to different possibilities it can stay, I will explore it and my life is more interesting for it.

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