Past Lives

I’ve written a lot recently about beliefs and how I’ve been allowing some of my own beliefs to update and I wanted to share with you a little something about a specific belief change that has impacted how I view life, or more specifically death.

I have written about past life regression before – if you’ve read that you’ll remember that I was sceptical at best. Probably not even as open minded as sceptical, I wasn’t looking into it and finding the whys and wherefores, I had pretty much written it off as something that was helpful but not real.

The opportunity presented itself for me to experience past life regression as part of a group, so I went along with an open mind, ready to enjoy any experiences that might come up but not expecting much from it other than an hour or so of lovely relaxing hypnosis (which is always a treat.)

Well, there’s no beating around the bush, my mind has been changed. I experienced two different past lives that day, and had a between life experience that really throw a spanner into the works. It’s been several weeks now since I had that experience and I’ve kept meaning to write about it and not quite being able to put pen to paper (well, digitally) until now. My beliefs about how life works got completely shaken up and it’s taken a while for the dust to settle.

If you currently think it’s all a load of rubbish I’m not going to try and change your mind; I am going to tell you why my mind changed though.

During the past lives I saw details clearly, I had an understanding of the “character” in that life and all the experiences that brought them (me?) up to that point. I could tell that the person I was looking at was me, even though in one experience I was a man, and I knew how I related to the people around me.  My role was nothing special in either of these lives, I was not famous, or rich or notable in any way, but these lives had a purpose.

It was the mundanity of these lives that convinced me that what I was seeing was real. I hope that if I was going to imagine a previous life I would be imaginative enough to make up something more spectacular.

I saw each of the lives come to an end and each time went into a space between lives. Here the purpose of the life I had just witnessed came to me as a fully formed understanding in an instant. I was welcomed back into my family fold and felt the enormity of being.  This was the part that changed everything. I saw that dying was not the scary void I had imagined, but more of a homecoming and something to be relished when the time comes. It no longer hangs over my head, I don’t fear the inevitable. I also don’t feel the same sadness for the loss of loved ones, I am glad for them in a way – although I still sometimes feel intense sadness for myself that they are not with me in the same way.

I don’t have any solid evidence to offer you that any of this was real, but I know for myself that it was. I still often find myself trying to rationalise it, put it down to my imagination and then I wonder why I am trying to talk myself out of believing something that has made me feel more hopeful about my current life and less scared, almost excited about what will happen when this life comes to an end.

If you get the chance to experience a past life regression, I would highly recommend it.

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