Life ISN’T a journey

Do you know what I’ve had it to the back teeth of? Being constantly told to set goals, to achieve, to be the best.  Sounds like an odd statement I know – especially from a life coach – you expect a coach to be about helping people set smart goals, set out a plan and achieve their dreams. I do do that. I’m really bloody good at doing that, but there is something else which is even more important. Enjoying NOW.

We keep looking to the future thinking that it will be so much better than now, if only we were thinner, richer, further up the career ladder, more educated or had more skills and the end never comes. There is always further to go, always someone ahead, always another goal to smash before you can finally be satisfied.

The big secret is that the only moment you have is this one, so you might as well make the most out of it, whatever it entails. Life isn’t a journey. The end isn’t the point. It’s not about getting to a certain place or ticking certain boxes. Life is more like a dance, or music, or fairground rides. The enjoyment is in taking in every moment – enjoying the quiet and crescendos, the twists and turns, the ups and downs.

Sure, challenge yourself to achieve whatever you want to, but don’t make the achievement the end goal.  Make the moments that get you there the ultimate reward. Appreciate the process of failing, learning and overcoming and be thankful for all of it.

You know what the funny thing is? When you can do this, not only will enjoy your life more, but you’ll probably achieve more, more easily and more quickly than before. It’s beautifully ironic that when you stop making progression the aim you progress further.

I know this sounds like the kind of post that should be coming to you as a new year resolution but I’m not wasting another moment waiting for a new year, the first of the month or even another Monday – I want to appreciate my life right now, this very moment, so if you want me I’ll be dancing in the rain*

*metaphorically speaking

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