Trust What You Feel

This is actually the third blog post I have written this week. Even as I was writing the other ones I knew that they didn’t feel right, I just couldn’t get them to work.  They will remain somewhere in the belly of my laptop, languishing and collecting cyber dust for now, perhaps one day I will stumble across them again and release them into the world.

Going through that process made me question myself, as one might expect, about WHY they weren’t right. To be honest I can’t quite put my finger on it. They are written fairly well, are on interesting and thought provoking topics but they are just not right, not right now anyway, so I decided to trust my instincts and start again.

It’s funny how often we talk ourselves out of trusting our instincts, of trusting our intuition of accepting our internal wisdom. It’s something that I have got better at as I have learnt and practiced Reiki more often, but also something I often try and rationalise myself out of.

When I am sharing Reiki with someone, or sending it remotely, I often get sensations of pain in particular areas that I know are “not mine”, it’s like a shadow of the other persons pain that I feel within myself to guide me to where the issue is. I often get a simple suggestion pop into my mind to pass on to that person to help alleviate the issue, whether that be something practical or emotional. It took me a while to trust this and sometimes I still don’t, but I am learning to say it anyway – more often than not it makes sense to the person on the receiving end.

I know I have a mixed audience here, so some of you will be completely on board with what I’ve just said, you’ll understand and be familiar and accepting of it. Some of you will be thinking that I have finally cracked and got completely la-la. Either way is fine.

If you’re in the la-la camp this is what I’d you to consider – we know that there are colours, such as ultra-violet and infra-red that exist, but the human eye cannot see. We know that there are sounds that are too high or low pitched for our ears to hear. We can’t see radio waves, or microwaves, but we know they are real.  Could it be possible that there is other kinds of frequencies around us that we don’t pick up as readily, but are real non-the-less?

Science, especially the field of quantum mechanics is starting to find evidence to support this kind of energy. Remember that once upon a time we didn’t know that gravity existed, or how it worked, but it was still there keeping our feet on the ground.

All I’m saying is that science hasn’t got everything figured out yet, so don’t be afraid to trust your own wisdom on some things.

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