Limbo Land

It’s that weird week between Christmas and New year – it feels like being in limbo – not really sure what day it is, still eating leftovers from Christmas dinner and having the double decker from a selection box for breakfast.

At this time of year I’m torn between resting, I feel like there is no point starting anything new right now, it might as well wait until the new year or working like hell to get all the loose ends tied up before the decade ends.

In reality what I’m actually doing is procrastinating. Not doing what needs to be done, but also not giving myself permission to rest so I just feel a little bit tense, guilty and like I’m wasting precious time. Sound familiar?

I think it’s a natural time to do some reflecting as a new decade is upon us.  Every day it feels like nothing changes but when I look back over the last decade, hardly anything is the same. I’ve changed, my family and friends have changed, my circle has changed, my beliefs have changed and I’ve survived all of those changes, in fact they’ve all made me a stronger, more well-rounded person. Change has always turned out to be good, even if it’s been uncomfortable, scary or down right painful.

The turning of a new decade for me is doubly significant, as I am also half way through a personal decade so it really makes me reflect on what I want, how far I’ve come and how far I’ve got left to go. It’s strange that the thought of things changing is what causes me stress, when actually the thought of everything staying exactly as it is now makes me feel just a little bit sick.

When I look 5 years forward and I see myself having another “big birthday” I dread that I might be in the same position that I am now. I’ve come a long way, but I’ve also held a lot back. It can be uncomfortable to have to take the responsibility for making things happen in your life upon myself, but unfortunately no one else is turning up to do it for me.

My aim for now is to make my comfort zone uncomfortable and to use this discomfort to push me onwards. I will also be parenting myself and making sure I get things done rather than talking about getting things done – for me that means setting deadlines and sticking to them, having schedules and rotas and sticking to them. The joy of this is getting to put all my lovely new stationary to good use to keep me organised.

Now for a shameless plug – If you also want to get a grip of change in your life at the start of the new decade, give me a shout – as a life coach and a hypnotist I am perfectly placed to support you remove the mental blocks that are holding you back, figure out the best way forward and hold you accountable for achieving what you set out to.

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