Being Tiny

I find there is something about standing next to the ocean and watching the waves spread before me, or being at the top of a tall hill and seeing the landscape rolling out beneath me, or even looking up at the sky on a starry night which reminds me how tiny and insignificant I am.

When I say it like that it sounds like it should be a terrible feeling, but it’s not, it’s wonderful.

There is something very freeing to knowing that in the grand scheme of things, most of what I do doesn’t matter. What job I do, how much money I earn, what car I drive, where I go on holiday or where I live, all the big life decisions that I agonise over, that seem to be huge and significant, really don’t matter much at all because I am just one tiny person, on one tiny piece of land, on one tiny planet within an infinite universe.

It’s when I get stuck for too long inside my own head that causes me problems. It’s such a small place that everything seems bigger there. It seems to be important that I make the right choices, that I do and say the right things and I’m so critical of everything that of course I never do. The deeper I go sometimes, the more I forget to look out.

When I’m finally reminded to go, sometimes dragged almost kicking and screaming (well, sighing and huffing is more my style to be honest) having a wide open vista brings me back. I remember that the only really important things in life are spending time with people you love. Helping the person walking next to you get where you’re going. Having a laugh and sharing the moment. Allowing yourself a rest when the going gets tough, but carrying on after. That everyone gets there at a different pace – it doesn’t matter if others get to there before you do.

So next time you are feeling like your thoughts, worries and fears are very big I urge you to go find something to look at that reminds you that they are really very small.

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