Is It Spring Yet?

I wish hibernating during the winter was a thing humans did. Or if not that, I wish had the money to go somewhere warmer over the winter.

I find it hard to be as productive when it takes so much more energy just to live. The cold and the dark makes me want to just snuggle away under a blanket and snooze away the winter months, yet it doesn’t seem to be socially acceptable.

There is an expectation on us to be just as upbeat, energised and ready to go all year round as we are in the spring and summer. We work just as long hours – or longer in some cases, with no reduction in work load and we don’t take as many holidays. I don’t think this is seen anywhere else in nature. Plants and animals rest when it gets cold and dark.

Even we would have done less during the winter in the not too distant past – no electric light would have meant we worked shorter days during the winter. Yet now we carry on as if we are separate to the annual cycle we see in nature and wonder why we are exhausted, run down, prone to illness and melancholy from November to February.  We berate ourselves for being lazy, feel guilty for not being on it and try desperately to push through the coughs and colds that are our bodies way of begging us to rest.

As easy as it seems to be to forget; we are not separate from nature.

There are little clues around now though that spring is on its way. Spring bulbs are starting to push their way through and the mornings and evenings are getting lighter and I can feel my energy and optimism returning. I’m beginning to turn the wonderings of winter into real plans and slowly taking steps to turn them into reality.

It feels like it’s nearly time to get up and get back out into the world, even if I’m feeling slightly less than bright eyed and bushy tailed. This year though I’m going to do it differently. When the nights start drawing in again I’m going to take my foot off the accelerator. I’m going to build a quiet winter into my plan. That does mean that I have to build a busy summer into my plan – make hay while the sun shines.

Right now though it’s still a bit early, I’m going to press the metaphorical snooze button, ride out this terrible weather and take just a little bit more time to rest before poking my head above ground.

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