This Wasn’t On The Plan

Life is certainly taking a different path to what I expected. If I’m honest I didn’t have a global pandemic in my plan at the start of the year, or even the start of the month. But you know what they say about the best laid plans.

Just a few weeks ago I was ready to go full steam ahead and had started the ball rolling with all kinds of plans for the next few months.  The house was ready to go on the market, I was planning workshops and group sessions and it was all very exciting.  Then I, along with everyone else, was forced to slam on the breaks. To be honest (and my partner will attest to this) I had a bit of a tantum. All the toys came out of the pram and I threw a strop any toddler would be proud of.

Yes, I know that there are people out there for whom the situation is much worse than it is for me. In fact I am fortunate enough that I should weather this storm relatively unscathed, but that didn’t stop me being disappointed about my plans being dashed.

I pulled myself together and coached myself through it. I went back to the lessons I have learnt over the last few years, got things back into perspective and began to get excited and grateful about the opportunities that this terrible situation brings with it.

We all spend way too much time rushing around here there and everywhere and now we are being forced to stop, to be still. Rather than pushing myself to be productive every hour I am excited to rest, to take afternoon naps and hopefully sit in the sunshine, even if I need to wrap up warm. I’m also giving new meaning to the word productive. Reading, cooking, writing, watching a documentary or meditating are all now deemed to be productive in this house.  

I am being forced to get to grips with offering services online – so workshops and group sessions as well as one to one sessions will be coming up. The wonderful thing about this is that now anyone can join in, no matter where they live and how mobile they are. Something I’d have probably put off indefinitely in other circumstances, but could add massive benefits.

It may seem like the world has gone mad and I get that the situation is scary, but if you look for it, there is plenty to be grateful for. We can be grateful for the way families, friends and communities are pulling together. We can be grateful for the way our leaders and essential workers are pulling out all the stops to make sure we get through this. We can be grateful for the chance to pause, to take stock and to spend time with our families (even if this has to be done remotely). If we allow it, we will find that we will come out the other side of this changed, maybe even for the better.

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