Words Have Power 2020

One thing I am passionate about is how we choose to use language to represent our experiences, it’s been the subject of many of my blogs. I believe (and witness day after day) how the words we use effects the experience we have in any given situation and I think at this moment in time that is more important than ever.

I have rounded up some of the most useful switches I have come across, either in general or specific to today’s world. I can’t take credit for these simple switches, many brilliant people out there are already sharing them, but I’m bringing them to you as a reminder.

LOCK DOWN – Staying at home

Lock Down sounds like you are in prison. Staying at home is a pleasure and a joy. You’re in your own space with your loved ones and you can spend all day in your jimjams if you so wish.

SOCIAL DISTANCING – Physical distancing

Yes, we need to be physically separate from one another for now, and that does bring it’s only challenges. It’s hard to have to wave to your family (that you don’t live with) from a distance rather than give them a hug, but we are not socially distant. We have the technology, and now the time, to be more socially connected than ever. Calling or, better yet, video calling you friends and family for a chat is a delight we don’t indulge often enough.

HAVE TO – get to

When you have to do something the implication is you are doing so against your will. If you GET to do something, not only are you choosing to do so, but you are somewhat happy about your choice. I use this one quite a lot and it never fails to spark gratitude in me. Even if I have to force myself to consciously change the words, after a moment I realise how fortunate I am to be able to do whatever it is, even if that is getting up for work on a normal Monday morning.

The actions you are taking do not change, but the way you talk and think about them can.

“I am locked down and have to adhere to social distancing when I do go out” sounds like a pretty crap place to be.

“I get to stay at home and be safe with my family. I need to be physically distant from others, but I am more socially connected than ever” is a much happier place to be.

I know many people are still going out to work to support our community in many ways and I’d like to thank everyone who is doing so. Every one of us has a part to play in this.

At this time, please get in touch if you need any support and I’ll do whatever I can to help, even if that’s just pointing you in the right direction. Stay safe.

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