Stay in the Zone

“Your fear of looking stupid is holding you back.” Isn’t that the truth. It’s not only my fear of looking stupid, it’s also my fear of being laughed at. At being found to be lacking. At being judged. Also, if I’m really honest, a fear of succeeding.

I know that sounds strange, but being hugely successful would take a lot of commitment, would require me to change the image I have of myself and may also change my relationships with all kinds of people.

It feels safer, sometimes, to just carry on doing kind of OK. Comfort zones are called that for a reason, they are really comfy. Comfort zones are a bit like being in lockdown. You can wear your jammies all day, change into leggings if you’re feeling wild, sit in your favourite spot on the couch and watch boxsets.

You know there is danger outside, so you stay inside. There is other stuff outside too though. Excitement, adventure, progress. To get the good stuff you have to be prepared to face the bad stuff too.

There’s nothing wrong with staying in your comfort zone for a while. Sometimes you need time for the dangers to diminish or for you to build up skills and confidence to face them again. Eventually though, you have to step forward.

There is something that I have noticed though. The only people who judge you, laugh at you or try and make you feel stupid when you step outside of your comfort zone, are snuggled in deep in their own comfort zone.  That’s OK if that’s where they want to be, but just be aware of it before you allow their judgements to hold you back, even if that person is yourself. 

It seems to be the case that anyone else that is out there doing their thing, even if it’s entirely different to what you are doing, are right behind you. They know the balls that it takes and they will applaud you and support you whole-heartedly.

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