What’s In A Dream?

Over the years I’ve had several recurring dreams.

The first one is that I am supposed to be driving a car but I can’t get into the driver’s seat – I’m usually trying to steer from the back seat. This dream normally comes when I am trying desperate to control a situation I feel I don’t have control of. I don’t have it nearly as often now as I have learnt to relinquish control and go with the flow more often.

The next dream is that I am trying to find help and I either can’t find a phone to call for help, or they are disconnected or when I try to speak or shout I can’t make any sound. This is usually when I have something I need to say but for whatever reason feel that I can’t.

My final recurring dream is that I need to pee and I can’t find a loo. This dream means wake up now, you need a wee!

Why am I talking to you about dreams I hear you ask. Dream interpretation is not what you signed up for! Well, it’s because I wanted to talk about the imagery and symbolism that comes along with dreams, because they also often show up in hypnosis sessions and I’m often asked what they mean.

The thing is, I can’t tell you what they mean. The images and symbols that your subconscious mind shows you, I believe, are unique to you. No one else has had exactly the same experience of the world as you, and so you may have a completely different way of representing this to yourself than anyone else.

I think anyone who’s been raised in a similar culture will have similar themes, and symbols that may mean more of less the same thing, but they may not. A bird flying through the air may represent freedom to some, but to someone like myself, who had a phobia of birds until fairly recently may have a different idea as to what that represents. (Yes, I let go of that phobia through hypnosis – it was hypnosis for something else entirely as it goes and it took me a while to realise I was no longer afraid.)

I know that many people believe that there is a universal language behind dreams, and maybe there is, I don’t know about that (but I’ve included some images that explain some common ones in case you’re interested). What I think is most important with any imagery that comes forward from your subconscious, whether that be under hypnosis, in a dream or in a flash of inspiration,  is what you believe it means to you, how that fits with the situation you are in and how you can turn that message into a useful solution.

Sometimes all you need is to look at things from a different perspective and in my experience that often comes to you when you let your logical mind step to one side for a while so you can explore other possibilities.

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