100 Words

While I was on lockdown I set myself a writing project. I wrote 100 word stories. Some were about nothing in particular and some were a little deeper, but it was good fun. I wrote this about how I thought lockdown would impact us.

They finally emerged. They stepped through their front gate and returned to a much quieter world. A world that was still mourning all that it lost. Although the loss was great it was equaled by both the teachings and the growth.

The world had slowed down in that time and they had learned to relish it. They had learned to relish a sunbeam on their faces, the sound of their family laughing together and simple joy of being still.

Life would speed up again, but they would always hold onto the time when it stood still and remember it fondly.

To be honest, looking at it now, I feel I was being hopeful, overly optimistic maybe. When I look at the media, which I try not to do too often, I don’t see any teaching or growth. I see people yelling conflicting ideas at each other and no one listening. I don’t see any relishing of a new pace of life.

But when I look away from the media, and look at my own life, the life of my family and my friends and all the people I love I do see a difference. I do see people making more time for each other, valuing each other more greatly, people making the most of the small moments of joy in their lives. This is what I want more of, this is what I’d like to build on for myself.

The good news is, that with a little bravery, I have the ability to decide to do this for myself. I can make small changes to the way I live my life, I can reassess my priorities and I can take steps towards living more in the way I want to. It won’t happen overnight, change never does, but the decision to start happens in an instant.

Change doesn’t need to be huge either. Change can be tiny. Change for the better can be as simple as deciding not to log into Facebook as soon as you open your eyes in the morning or deciding to have a cup of tea outside in the fresh air some days. Lots of tiny changes sprinkled across life make a massive difference over time. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, I won’t let that put me off, time is going to pass anyway, so might as well do something with it.

I hope that reading this inspires you to look at your own little circle and enjoy it as much as you can, to make the tiny changes you want to be happier and healthier.  If enough of us do that, I hope we see the difference on a larger scale.

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