Becoming Wonder Woman

It’s another one of those weeks where I am sitting down to write and nothing is coming out right. I am full of half ideas. I keep writing a paragraph or two of something and scrapping it.

I think it’s because moving house took up so much physical and emotional energy that I’m feeling a little drained. I am still working my way through boxes, things are not quite in their place and it’s quite draining.

It’s funny how I need a sense of order in my external environment in order to feel ordered and centred internally too.  I think one follows the other, but I’m not sure which one leads.

I’m loving the sense of accomplishment when I have another empty box to add to the pile though, or when a room looks more like home – even if just for a moment before it’s in a state of flux again.

I set myself fairly small windows of time to get things done in – an hour here, half an hour there and do as much as I can in that time. Committing to longer than that feels exhausting and overwhelming. It’s amazing what I can get done in those windows of activity though. I really recommend it as a way to get things done.

Perhaps I should do the same when it comes to writing, commit to a time frame and get something written inside that time. Worry about perfection later, if there is such a thing.

The internal does match the external in more ways than just what is around you though. The way you hold your body or the expression on your face gives away a lot about how you’re feeling inside. The great thing that we know about that is that either one can lead.

When you’re feeling a little bit scared, or overwhelmed and like you’d like to hide your body curls up a bit, you make yourself smaller. You physically are trying to take up less space, but you often don’t even notice. Once you become aware of your physicality you can change it. Stand up straight, plant your feet firmly a shoulder width apart. Put your hands on your hips and look straight ahead with your chin up. Stand like wonder woman and you’ll soon start feeling like wonder woman.

Even typing this, I have started to sit up straighter, I was slumped in my chair when I started. I have aligned my spine and lifted my chin and the words are flowing much more easily now.

Focusing on changing your body is much easier than focussing on changing your thoughts. Give it a go. Hunch yourself up and try and think positive thoughts. I find that either my body changes it position to match the thoughts, or my thoughts change to match my body.

Use this knowledge, or reminder, to your advantage. Go out there and be a super hero.

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