Time For Change

It’s that time of year when it becomes apparent again that nature is ever changing. The leaves are starting to turn golden and I can actually see the changes happening right in front of my eyes. The nights have already started drawing in and there is a chill in the air each morning.

The same cycle happens every year, but for some reason there I always feel a little reluctant to let go of summer and embrace the change, even thought Autumn brings with it all kinds of joys. Who doesn’t love thick jumpers, cosy nights in and apple crumble?!

I have also been hesitant to embrace change in my own life at times. Even when I know that something has run its natural course, it’s sometimes felt easier to cling on to it than to let it go. There is a sense of security to hanging onto it, trying to keep it alive and unchanged – but of course it’s not really possible.

The trees know better than that – you don’t see them trying to stop their leaves turning and drifting to the ground.

Even the body know better than the mind. You are renewing your cells all the time. You have a completely new lining in parts of your digestive system every 5 days. Your skin is entirely new about once a month. Nearly every cell in you body is replaced over a 7-10 year period. You are literally a completely different person to the person you were in 2010. You will be a completely new person again by 2030.

Knowing that, it begs the question; why are am I still carrying beliefs that no longer work for me? Why am I still repeating patterns of behaviours that no longer work for me? Why am I still squeezing myself into areas of my life that no work for me?

Change can be uncomfortable at times, it can be scary but it is inevitable. I cannot tell the trees not to drop their leaves. I cannot tell your body not to regenerate your cells, but I can choose to embrace it and it enjoy it.

Here’s my big, exciting and scary change – I am leaving my “day job”. A job I have done since I was 19.  I got a lot of enjoyment from it for a long time, met some very special people and learnt a lot – but it no longer feels right for the person I am today.

I have built up my knowledge, my skills and some faith in myself to give this Life Coaching and Hypnosis business a real go. I don’t feel entirely ready. I can’t be sure that I will be successful. The timing (in the face of a global pandemic) may not be perfect but things are as lined up as they are ever going be and I’m making the jump. I feel hopeful, and determined and excited.

I’ve shared some ways that you can support me over on my Facebook page and I’m really honoured, that even by just reading this, you are a part of my journey. Thank you.

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