Finding My Feet

This is my first week of self-employment, so it feels like the pressure is on to be inspired and to produce a really kick ass blog this week. The truth is though I feel totally void of inspiration, but luckily for you, filled to the brim with mixed metaphors.

For the past year or so, I’ve been moving towards this goal and I am happy to be here and to have realized it, but it feels like my wheels have come off right now. For so long, leaving full time employment and working for myself has been the destination that I only really had a vague idea of where I was going to go from here.

Do you know that feeling when you’ve been on a treadmill for a while and then when you get off it feels like you are walking really fast but not getting anywhere? I’ve found you’ve got two options in that situation; keep going and hope you don’t fall over or stop for a second, find your feet again and then keep going.

So, I’m going to stop for a minute and find my feet again, then I’ll crack out the metaphorical map and compass and find the path to get me to the next destination.

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