Learning To Fly

Last week I was still feeling a little all at sea, still finding my feet after such a big change of circumstances, but this week I’m beginning to feel much more grounded.

I’ve been working really hard to figure out which direction to head in and the temptation is, naturally, to look around and see what direction everyone else is heading in and follow suit. The problem with that is that I’ve done that before and I ended up not getting very far. When I look around at what others in my field are doing it leaves me feeling like I’m doing everything wrong, that I’m falling behind, that I should always be doing something else.

What I decided to do instead was get my head down and concentrate on what I want to do. Head in the direction that feels right to me and remember that the reason that I can help people is because I don’t do exactly the same stuff as everyone else. If I did no one would need me, anyone would do!

So, I’ll give you a little more insight as to what I’m all about. If you look at the top of the page you’re reading, you’ll see that I have written “Be Empowered To Break Your Chains And Fly.” It’s the header on each page of my website, and on my Facebook page in fact.  That’s because that’s what I feel like I have started to do for myself and what I aim to help you do too, whether that’s just giving you a spark of inspiration through these blogs or a Facebook post, whether you come to one of my workshops or whether you book a one to one session.

I don’t mean “Fly” in a big jumbo jet kind of way; I don’t expect to suddenly turn into Concorde. I like to take things a little slower, more gently than that. I mean the quiet, calm, serene kind of gliding that you get in a hot air balloon. The kind of journey that is definitely not about the destination but is entirely about enjoying the scenery on the way.

I say I have only started to do this for myself; it’s true that it appears that I have made some big strides recently, but it’s really been a culmination of breaking a number of the chains that were keeping me tethered to a place I wasn’t entirely happy with. Some of the changes have been big, some have been tiny. I have changed many beliefs about myself, other people, the way life works. I have lost some old voices that were keeping me down and found new ones that lift me up. I have let go of some unhelpful habits and replaced them with some more useful ones, but it’s always a work in progress. Whenever I think that this final thing will be the last thing, 100 more come up to work through and that’s OK. That’s what the journey is all about.

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