Time To Invest

I was never a big fan of asking for help. I would rather struggle along and do things by myself than admit that I could use a hand.

I still do that sometimes too. Just the other day I lifted up a king-sized mattress to put a bloody valance underneath it on my own rather than asking for help. It felt great to remind myself that I am independent and capable of great things (it was bloody king size!!) but it wouldn’t half have been quicker and easier to shout downstairs for a hand. And I wouldn’t have needed the 15-minute lie down afterwards.

It’s all about getting the balance right, I think. Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you can do things by yourself, and you CAN do pretty much anything yourself with a bit of creativity. The thing is though, there are people out there that can help lighten the load. They can share their experience, knowledge and expertise so that you don’t need to figure out how to reinvent the wheel. They can point you in the right direction, show you how it’s done and give you the balls to go for it.

I’ve currently got a whole raft of folk on my team. I have been seeing another hypnotist to help me with weight management (why yes, thank you for noticing! Yes, I’ve lost about 9lbs so far! It’s still early days, but I’m enjoying the journey.)

I get tips every day from a brilliant social media marketer and he is making sure that I keep my commitment to be consistent on Facebook and cheering me on. I had another lady encouraging me to post Live videos on Facebook and giving me feedback on that (hopefully you’ve seen my efforts, still early days there too!)

I have a coach who is currently e-mailing me at least twice a day who is holding me accountable for doing what I say I’m going to do and asking me insightful questions about my goals and direction. AND when I needed a little help to narrow down some of those answers and find that direction, I had someone else help me focus and narrow down on that.

Not to mention my family and friends that are always around, giving me support, being sounding boards and test subjects and helping me move heavy furniture.

Could I figure all of that out on my own? Yeah, almost certainly. Would I? Maybe. Given a lot of time. But honestly, probably not.

What I’m saying, what I’m trying to show you, is that it’s all easier when you ask for help. Sure, you may have to make some investment in yourself, whether that is financial or time and effort or both, but you are worth the investment. This timing may not be perfect, but it’s the only timing we’ve got, so might as well make a start now and being proud of how far you’ve come this time next year, rather than waiting for this time next year to make a start.

I may not be the person that you need on your team, but I just may be. Have a look at the rest of my website while you’re here and get in touch if you have any questions about what I can do to support you.

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