What Is The Magic Pill?

What is the magic pill that brings massive, lasting change in your life so you can do or be whatever you are looking to achieve?

I’m going to break all the rules of journalistic writing here and give you the answer right at the top of the article, that will save you time if you are disappointed with the answer.

The magic pill is consistent action.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you want something to BE different, you’re going to have to DO something differently. Consistently.

I’ll give you an example. I am losing weight. (there’s something to be said about the semantics there, I’m not losing it, I am taking intentional action to carry less, but perhaps that’s a different post. Not everything you lose is a loss after all.)

I will not lose weight by doing the same things I did to gain weight. I must change something. What I decided to change (with the help of a fellow hypnotist) is not what you’d expect.

I haven’t changed WHAT I eat. I’ve tried that many times before, done all the diets and been to all the slimming clubs. What I eat may change over time, but it’s not where my focus is.

I have changed WHERE I eat. I no longer sit in front of the telly to eat. I now sit in the kitchen, away from the telly, away from my phone, and I just eat without distraction. Not just meals, any time I eat.

I also changed HOW I eat. I eat more slowly. I put my knife and fork down between mouthfuls and decide after each mouthful whether to have another.

I have also changed WHEN I eat, or more accurately, when I stop eating. Rather than eating until I have finished what is on my plate, I eat until I’m not hungry anymore.

And I changed my THOUGHTS about eating. I now think that I only need to eat enough for now. Food is in plentiful supply for me (I’m very grateful to be so fortunate) and when I feel hungry again, I can eat again.

But this isn’t really about the mechanics of what I’m doing to eat more healthily. It’s about needing to take different actions to get different results.

I know it’s very easy to find new strategies, gain new knowledge, to educate yourself but it means absolutely nothing if you do nothing with it. And it only does a little more if you only do it once. What really matters is consistency. I know, consistency is boring! But if I only ate in the kitchen for one meal, or even one week, and then went back to eating in front of the TV it would have made no lasting difference at all.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, pick one action that will help you get there. Pick one thing that needs to change in order to get you there and go and do that one thing every day. Once you’ve settled in with that one thing, once that’s an embedded habit for you, pick another thing and do that consistently as well.

You’re not going to get there quickly, but you’ll get there eventually, which is a better result than when you did nothing differently, and you can enjoy the journey as you go.  

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