Just Five Minutes

I have often told myself that I just don’t have time to get things done. Now I use that sentence as a trigger to ask myself what is really going on, because I know that, for me (and maybe for you too) that is a bullshit excuse.

I find it astonishing how much I can get done in the 20 minutes dinner is in the oven, or the 10 minutes directly before an online meeting starts or the 4-minute ad break in whatever TV program I’m watching.

Yet, when I’ve got a big challenge to achieve I have tended to put it off “until I’ve got the time” or it becomes so that I HAVE to do it now because it’s due (or there will finally be a consequence of not completing it).

But what if I committed smaller but more frequent blocks of time to chipping away at these things?

Perhaps I’m not going to have a whole morning I can (or want!) to commit to doing a certain task until 2 weeks Tuesday, but if I did 15 minutes a day while dinner was in the oven it would be finished by then.

This doesn’t just have to relate to being productive either. It can relate to bringing peace and calmness into your life. Maybe you don’t need to set aside 2 hours a day to meditate or do yoga, perhaps breathing mindfully while the kettle boils will do.

Maybe you don’t need to go on a weeklong course or silent retreat, perhaps writing down your thoughts for 5 minutes each night before you go to sleep is enough.

Maybe you don’t need to a 300-page self help guide, perhaps a short blog post (hint, hint!) can get you started. Or better yet, an e-mail that takes less than a minute of your morning.

Oh look what has happened, a perfect segue for me to lead into something new I’m launching in a couple of weeks. What a happy coincidence!

It’s called “Your Little Piece Of Peace”. You can register now (just click the image above) and I will send you a really short e-mail several times a week. These e-mails will have tips around dealing with anxiety, thoughts to consider, inspiring quotes and anything else I think of, or come across, that I feel will help you develop a habit of enjoying pockets of peace in your day.

A little bit like my Facebook page, but it won’t be surrounded by the noise of social media, which can feel so divisive right now. It will ping straight to your inbox and be right there ready for you.

But if the thought of wading through your e-mail inbox leaves you feeling a little tense (I know mine can be a minefield!) here’s a little 2-minute task you can do. Open your e-mail inbox. Set a timer. Unsubscribe from as many e-mails that you no longer read as you can in that time. Do that every day until you’re happy that what is coming through is worth your time and attention. I hope that will include Your Little Peace Of Peace.

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