In Japan there is an art form called Kintsugi. They repair broken objects with gold or silver and believe that the flaw makes the piece unique and all the more beautiful for it.

Of course, the damage is still visible, but rather than being hidden away or disguised, it is repaired beautifully and celebrated.

I believe we should celebrate our own flaws in the same way. Repair them lovingly, fill them with gold, and allow the world to see and take inspiration.

Of course, it takes some time, but once you know that you are enroute to making something beautiful I think you start to enjoy the journey.

I am talking about this because I want to share with you one of the breaks in myself that I am in the process of repairing with gold.

The 23rd of November marks 2 years since my Dad died. It really was a very difficult time for our family. We had lost Dad slowly over the several years before hand to Dementia, and even though it wasn’t a surprise when he died, it was quite a shock to lose him all at once as well.

To add to that, Mum was in hospital at the same time. A tumor in her bone had broken her hip from within and she was still waiting for it to be repaired, so she was stuck in a hospital bed, unable to walk or stand – I’m eternally grateful that she is OK now.

It was a tough time – but we stuck together, leant on each other and we got each other through. And we still do today.

What I can see now, with a little distance, is that all sorts of people gifted me a little piece of gold to start the repair work. Family and friends that came to help, or called to check in. Colleagues who stepped in to allow time away from work. Professionals who did their jobs well and with consideration. Even strangers who smiled and nodded as they passed.

The gold comes from all kinds of places, but only you can do your own repair work.

No matter how much you wish someone else would come along and do it for you, all they can do is help you find the gold.

And on the flip side of that, no matter how much you want to help someone repair something of theirs, all you can do is help them uncover the gold, they have to do the repair work themselves.

Excuse the sentimentality, but this post I am going to dedicate to Dad. Kind, creative, hilarious and with his fair share of gold. He would get a right kick out of people all over the world raising a glass in his honor, so please do me one favour and make it a strong one!

Here’s to you Dad.

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