Merry Christmas?

I can’t quite believe that this will be my last published blog before Christmas 2020. It seems like it is so far away still.

If you are purely excited for Christmas day, this blog isn’t really for you but I wish you a very Happy Christmas and I send you lots of love.

If the thought of Christmas is making you feel stressed, anxious or depressed, read on.

First, I would like to say this. I know you can feel like you’re the only person in the world who is not feeling entirely merry and bright but believe me when I tell you that you are not alone in feeling this way!

In fact, I’m willing to bet that nearly no one stopped reading at the top.

Christmas is like every other day, it is OK to feel however you feel.

If anything, Christmas is more or a trigger to feel stressed out, sad, anxious, weepy, grief stricken or whatever it is you feel than any other day. Not only do we put pressure on ourselves to have a day like it is in the adverts, but we also compare back to the Christmas days we maybe had when we were children when we only saw the excitement and not all the stress behind it.

I don’t know whether this year is even harder, because we can’t do what we normally do, or whether it will be easier for that very reason. Perhaps its both.

So, give yourself permission to feel however you feel for a while this Christmas – feel the feelings but don’t get stuck in the emotions. Emotions are Energy In Motion, they’ll keep moving if you let them.

Give yourself some space when you need it – if you have got family around (all be it probably less than usual. Thanks Boris) take yourself away for a few minutes of quiet whenever you need to, they won’t mind.

Show yourself some grace, it’s not always easy, but you are doing the best you can. If you can, extend that grace to the others around you, for your benefit as much as theirs.

So to you, I send lots of love this Christmas (and throughout the year of course!), but I won’t say have a happy or merry Christmas. I won’t set that kind of expectation. I’ll just sign off the same way I do in my Piece of Peace e-mails and say “have a day”.  

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