Having A Wobble

I had a wobble yesterday. I have a little wobble on many days at the moment, that’s how things are just now. Sometimes I go for a few days or a week with no wobble and other times I have 6 wobbles a day.

Things are tough out there.

When I have a wobble, I lean on the people around me. They lean back on me when they have a wobble. On the rare occasion we are wobbling at the same time, we hold on tight until it passes.

October to December 2018 had more wobbles than now for me. Dad was dying, Mum was in hospital and my sister and I took it in turns to wobble. It just seemed to work out like that. One day I would be the wobbly one and she held me up, the next day we swapped. It was almost amusing how well we took it in turns, almost like we rota’d it.  Of course, we had other family and our partners to lean on too, but they weren’t in it in quite the same way as us, so we depended on each other a lot at that time.

I’ve found that generally people are very willing to lend you a little strength when you are having a wobble – even if they are a bit wobbly themselves, just having someone else by your side seems to give you a bit more stability.

And, a lot of the time, even if you don’t want to talk about what the wobble is about, maybe you’re not too sure yourself, tell someone you’re having a wobble and they will secure you. They will act as a tether for you, to stop you flying off into space. They’ll put the kettle on, or gossip about what Brenda over the road is doing, or just send you a text with xxx and it’ll feel a little easier.

To minimize wobbles, even in these uncertain times, in any unusual times in life really, I find that a routine helps. Even if that routine bears no resemblance to your normal one. At least you don’t have to spend your precious energy working it out from scratch every day. Even if that routine has to be really flexible, at least you know there are a couple of things you can hang your hat on – even if it is just a quiet cup of tea in bed at 6am and watching a game show after tea.

Anyway, what I’m saying is, it’s OK to wobble. It’s good to wobble and we’ll all just wobble along together.

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