Sweet F. A

Do you fall asleep the moment your head hits the pillow? Or does that seem to act as a firing pistol for your mind to begin its daily race?

If it’s the latter, then to find the solution it’s probably helpful to understand a little more about sleeping and dreaming in order to be able to work on improving it.

It is thought, by sleep and dream scientists, that part of the reason that we need to sleep is in order to process the events that have happened to us that day. And dreaming, whether you remember them or not, seems to be for the purpose of making abstract connections between events that we wouldn’t necessarily put together consciously. That can be why dreams get a little weird and jump from one thing to another.

What happens throughout the day, is the mind “tags” events to be processed later. This happens in a network of brain cells that has been called the default mode network. It’s like your standby mode.

This mode does not run when you are doing stuff, it only switches on when your brain has down time – like when you finally put your head on the pillow.

If you’re mind has not had any other downtime through out the day, that’s a lot of information to sort through and tag before you can fall asleep.

So, here’s the solution.

Schedule time to do sweet F.A. Nada, Zilch. Just chill.

I don’t mean pick up your phone and scroll through social media, watch the TV or listen to music – even though we consider these activities to be mindless, our mind is still engaged. Standby is not activated.

I’m not saying you need to meditate. Picturing clouds drifting away from blue skies is lovely, but not necessary.

Just sit and do nothing. Let your mind wander. Daydream. Take a nap. Have a little time just being.

I get that it sounds counter intuitive. By resting during the day, surely you won’t sleep as well at night, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

So, if you are going to take getting a good nights sleep seriously, and I suggest you do (here’s a little more about why) then it’s time to get serious about doing nothing.

About Anxiety

Anxiety affects everyone in different ways. Whether its general anxiety, phobias, addictions, habits, weight issues or anything else you do it your own way. So, it stands to reason that the solution should be as individual as you are. I use a range of techniques, such as Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, EFT, Reiki and many other tools I’ve picked up along the way to work with YOU to find the best fit. We can work online from the comfort of your own home, or you can arrange to come to my private therapy room near Carlisle, Cumbria.

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