Power Through?

I really just want to stop staring at the screen, go away for a few hours, rest and come back to this later.

I’ve got a headache; I didn’t sleep very well and I just feel a little bleugh.

Is it worth powering through? Is there something to be said for action creating action?

Maybe, by just starting, however badly, I can start some momentum going and inspiration will come afterwards. How’s it going?

Should I listen to my body and rest?

It’s really difficult to know when you are walking away as a way to avoid action, or whether taking a breather is really the best way to gather your thoughts and then you’ll be able to hit the ground running when you come back.

I suppose it comes down to what you intend to do with the time – if I’m going to go away and distract myself with mindless TV and scrolling through Facebook, that’s not useful. I’d be better carrying on here.

If I’m going to use the time to rest, or do an activity that is reviving, or connects me with nature or other people then perhaps its worth it.

Sod it – I’m going to go and do a little gardening and come back to this after lunch. If motivation and inspiration find me, then this will get resigned to the digital recycling bin.

If not, then this week you can enjoy the internal monologue of someone who knows many techniques, interesting facts and science behind feeling good, and still can’t always muster up the enthusiasm to do something about being in a funk some days – and perhaps that will give you some kind of comfort in itself.

About Anxiety

Anxiety affects everyone in different ways. Whether its general anxiety, phobias, addictions, habits, weight issues or anything else you do it your own way. So, it stands to reason that the solution should be as individual as you are. I use a range of techniques, such as Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, EFT, Reiki and many other tools I’ve picked up along the way to work with YOU to find the best fit. We can work online from the comfort of your own home, or you can arrange to come to my private therapy room near Carlisle, Cumbria.

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