What could you do?

There are a few steps to successful change, throughout September I’m going to be focusing on them in a bit you can click on the links below to catch up if you’ve missed previous steps:

Recognise where you are now.

Decide where you want to be.

Figure out the actions you could take to get you closer.

Do it. (and keep doing with necessary reviews and adjustments as you go.)

So, you know where you are starting from, and you know what direction you want to head in and even have a destination in mind – but the question is…

What are you going to do to get there?

If you did a really thorough job at reviewing where you are now, you will know all the resources you already have at your disposal, in terms of knowledge and experience as well as material or financial resources, so there is likely to be some really clear actions that you can take right away to make a start on your journey.

If you have been really clear about where you want to be, you should also have a clearer understanding of the resources you don’t have at the moment, that will probably be required along the way. Figuring out how to get these skills or items you need is a step along the way.

Be creative before you are practical.

Don’t rule anything out to begin with – when you are putting together a plan, sometimes silly and impractical ideas can be paired down into something that is genius and works a charm. There’s a classic story told in training circles about a meeting to decide how to get snow and ice off power lines to stop them breaking under the weight of it. It was dangerous for people to climb up and shake the snow off the lines, so as a joke, someone suggested training bears to climb up the poles and shake the lines. But how to get the bears up there? Get a helicopter and put pots of honey on top of all the posts. Very funny, a laugh was had by all. Wouldn’t the down draft created by the helicopter blow the snow off the lines though? Now there’s a solution from a crazy suggestion.

Also don’t overlook the most simple and basic steps – they are not just to be taken as read, even the most obvious steps should also be made explicit.

It’s important to keep yourself open to opportunities that come along – you never know when something might come out of the blue that moves you forward. It’s also important to keep yourself on track by considering whether the opportunities presented actually likely to get you closer to where you want to be or not.  You can never know for sure, you just have to judge as best you can.

It’s good to take time to look at your options and make a proper plan – but you don’t have to have all the answers before you make a start. You just need to know the first few steps and you can take it from there.

Don’t let planning stop you from taking action. More on that next week.

About Anxiety

Anxiety affects everyone in different ways. Whether its general anxiety, phobias, addictions, habits, weight issues or anything else you do it your own way. So, it stands to reason that the solution should be as individual as you are. I use a range of techniques, such as Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, EFT, Reiki and many other tools I’ve picked up along the way to work with YOU to find the best fit. We can work online from the comfort of your own home, or you can arrange to come to my private therapy room near Carlisle, Cumbria.

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