Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

That’s hard to say as everyone is different and takes different lengths on their journey. Some people find they are feeling much better after 1 session, some people need up to 5 if things are a bit more complex, or to really to help them get well on their way. Sometimes things can turn into a longer term approach, by spreading out the sessions for on going support.

Will I need regular follow ups?

It’s up to you! Some people are satisfied the job is done for them after their sessions are completed. Others like to come back for regular “top ups”. It's what works best for you for your journey. You don’t have to worry and decide that now.

Where will sessions take place?

I work mainly online via Zoom, so you can join the session from anywhere you won’t be disturbed, are comfortable and have a half decent internet connection. If you are lucky enough to live in North Cumbria you can come in see me in person in my therapy space in Armathwaite.

How much do sessions cost?

Sessions are upto 1.5 hrs long, with the option of a 30 minute follow up call about a week later. The cost for this is £100. For more in depth issues I offer a flexible 5 session package for £375. You can decide on this either at consultation or after your first session. (If you decide to do this package after your first session it will be £275 for a further 4 sessions.) These sessions can be spread out however is suitable and can be used for several issues, but are not transferable to other people. If you want to ask a few more questions before booking in I offer 15 minute consultation calls for free, just get in touch and we’ll sort out a time.

How do I pay?

I’ll send you an invoice and you can pay securely online with your credit or debit card. All sessions must be paid for in advance and are not refundable within 48 hours of your session.
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