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The life changing magic of not giving a f**k

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It’s been a few years since I originally wrote this post, and a whole lot has changed since then! For example, I work for myself now, so work parties are awesome! It’s just me in my PJs, playing 90’s/early 00’s jams from YouTube and dancing with the dogs (the boyfriend tends not to join in for some reason?)

Trump and Brexit seem like the good old days now and I’ve found it’s never been more important for my mental health to be conscious of how much media I’m consuming – it can really suck me in and drag me down.

I have to tell you, I haven’t yet mastered not giving a F**k – I still give many, often to the wrong things, but overall I’d say I’m doing better than I was!

This book is definitely still worth a read, in fact, I’m going to revisit it myself. (If you fancy it, I’ve put a link to the book below.)

The Life-Changing Magic…

My boyfriend found this book in an airport bookshop and knowing my love for self-improvement books, profanity and how many f**ks I gave about everything, he bought it for me.

By the time we landed I had crossed a ton of stuff of my “to give a f**k” list, and was a complete convert to the NotSorry method. I immediately passed this book to my sister who I knew would also appreciate spending less f**ks needlessly and having more to spend where she wanted to.

Sarah Knight describes a f**k as anything that requires your time, money or energy (or all of the above!). The first f**k to stop giving is what other people think, especially if what you are doing (or not doing) does not have any impact on them. This is the key to the life changing magic…and magic it is! This book also gives tips and strategies to stop giving f**ks without being an arsehole. I would highly recommend it.

Here are some examples of some f**ks I’ve stopped giving, which has contributed to a happier life.

Following News, current affairs and celebrities – especially the details of Brexit and what Trump is doing…I still hear all the big stuff, that’s enough for me.

What co-workers, acquaintances and old friends think of me, and what I’m doing.
I can’t control what they think, and actually what they think doesn’t matter to what I’m doing or my general happiness.

Going to Work Parties
I’ll be honest, I never went before, but I made an excuse. Now I use the NotSorry method and decline nice and early.

Annoying people on Facebook.
I’ve unfollowed a few people, and my newsfeed is a much happier place.

Having saved all those f**ks I’ve got more time, money and energy to spend on the things I actually want to…which mostly comprises the following….

Being with Family and close friends
Cuddling the dog
Learning new skills and developing myself
Writing (this blog for example!)
Watching TV box sets…preferably in my PJs

If you’d like to find out more about Sarah Knight or this book

I realised writing this that I didn’t want anyone to think badly of me for using bad language, so I have censored all the f**ks. But as I’m learning to not care about what other people think, fuck it! I’m NotSorry.

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