If you are not ready yet for 1-1 coaching or would like to learn a little more about the issues that are affecting your daily life then take a look at some workshops I have developed. My goal here is to give you tools and strategies and to have a better understanding of the challenges you have.

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Learn how to sleep well

This workshop explains how poor sleep and anxiety are linked and how to break that downward spiral. This is a great workshop for anyone who struggles to sleep, whether through anxiety or otherwise, and will give you tips and techniques to improve your sleep.

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Managing & Banishing Anxiety

This workshop explains what anxiety is, what it isn’t and how and why it impacts you the way it does. You’ll come away with a greater understanding as well as some simple but powerful techniques you can use anytime, anywhere to regain control from anxiety.

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Anti-Anxiety: The Complete Course

They say that knowledge is power, and that is true. Add to that personal awareness and you’ll be unstoppable. That’s exactly what this course will give to you. Knowledge about what anxiety is, how it can affect you and what’s going on in your body.


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Private / Corporate Bookings

A private workshop allows you to control who attends, gives you more of a chance to get involved and ask questions or host an event for your business or group.

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