Managing & Banishing Anxiety

Taking the first step is scary, but it has to be better than continuing to feel like this, hasn’t it?

When it comes to managing and banishing anxiety I believe it comes down to 3 steps:

Knowledge is power – The more you know about what’s going on for you physically and emotionally when you are struggling with anxiety the less scary it seems.
Management Techniques – knowing how to bring yourself back to a place of balance when you feel out of control.
Acceptance – This is a tricky one for many people, but knowing that everyone sometimes feels anxious and accepting it rather than fighting it when you do really does allow you to let go of it more quickly each time you are impacted.

My workshop Managing & Banishing Anxiety covers all of these bases, and gives you a wealth of information, techniques and the confidence that you can restore control over anxiety when you need to.

Anxiety Tip: Breathing Techniques

Controlling your breathing is a quick way of calming your nerves as it brings the Autonomic Nervous System back into rest and repair mode.

Put your hands gently on your tummy and feel it rise and fall with your breath.


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